Kismet™ Guaranteed Email Marketing

Email Marketing, Just For Photographers – Results Guaranteed

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Email marketing is the easiest, least expensive way to add profits to your studio. Kismet does the work for you – guaranteed.

    • Pre-made, professionally designed templates.
    • Year round marketing schedule.
    • Just click to edit with your images and text.
    • Download the PSD templates if you really want to go crazy.
    • Use with any email service. (we like MadMimi)

We guarantee you’ll see business growth or your money back, plus some more.



It Couldn’t Be Easier

  1. Choose your template.
  2. Swap out your images
  3. Tweek the text
  4. Click “Copy”.
  5. Paste into your favorite email service.
  6. Watch the orders come in.



Successful Email Marketing

  1. Be consistent – if you send an email twice a month, always send an email twice a month
  2. Alternate with news and promotions
  3. Always have a call to action
  4. Have monthly promotions